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Video Editing Service

The 1st 5 seconds of your video are the most crucial. Is it captivating enough for the visitors to continue watching? 
Relax, our experience video editing team will make sure your video will shine.

  • Commercials /Ads 
  • Corporate videos / Events
  • Youtube, Instagram, Facebook,Amazon, and All Other Social Media Platforms
  • Introductory videos 
  • Cinematic trailers/Game trailers
  • Special Occassions: Birthday /Anniversary / Vacation 
  • Color Grading /Correction
  • Music/Lyrics animations

Choose From Our Packages

Quick Basic Fixes
For Under 1 Min Clip
Basic Edit, eg. cuts
1 Revision
Create Cinematic 4K Video
Under 45 Secs Video
4K Quality, Color Grading
Visual Effects & Animations
Music, Voice Over
3 Revisions
Create Animated Video
Under 30 Secs Video
Vioce Over
3 Revisions


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Short videos(under 30 secs) are usually within 2 days. It may take slightly longer depending on the complexity of the editing.

What are the types of videos do you do?

Our team creates and edits almost every type of videos:

Promotional Videos, Product Promotional Videos, Wedding Videos, Explainer videos, and Informative Videos are some of the videos we do for our clients.

What do I have to provide?

You can provide

  • Your script;
  • Your logo and company name;
  • You can also share images or videos(if you have any) or other content.